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(This page lists many of the longer pieces I’ve written since becoming a full-time freelancer in 2001. It does not include my ongoing writing for the current clients listed on my Résumé page, my previous writing for and the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin and editing on, nor any freelance writing before 2001.)

Medical Economics
Succeed in transitional and chronic care” Dec. 12, 2018
Article explaining how IPAs and other healthcare organizations use shared services to provide better transitional and chronic care

Managed Healthcare Executive
Four ways to reduce readmissions” January 2016
Article describing the detail-oriented approaches hospitals have to take so they can slash readmission rates

Managed Healthcare Executive
Preventive services: An underutilized resource” November 2015
Feature article looking at how health plans can drive better member engagement with preventive services

Managed Healthcare Executive
Medicaid incentives: Worth the effort?” August 2015
Feature on the early, mixed results from the Medicaid Incentives for Chronic Diseases initiative and similar wellness programs

IHS Engineering 360
Hardening the Energy Coast” April 30, 2015
Feature about a Gulf Coast electric utility’s efforts to ensure both its own and its customers’ resilience following a hurricane

Managed Healthcare Executive
Measles re-emerges” March 2015
Feature on the causes of the measles outbreak that started in Disneyland a few months earlier

Medical Economics
The future of malpractice reform” Dec. 25, 2014
In-depth feature on why numerous efforts to enact malpractice tort reform simply haven’t worked and on what measures are being proposed instead

SCTLive (Shopping Centers Today)
Cultivating independent tenants can be a worthwhile investment, panel says” Nov. 20, 2014
Report on a panel discussion about non-chain tenants in shopping centers

Managed Healthcare Executive
Autism: Taming a nightmare” November 2014
Feature article about the challenges of autism for the managed-care industry

Managed Healthcare Executive
Denial-of-benefits appeals need consistency” September 2014
A look at how the Affordable Care Act is tightening appeals processes

Managed Healthcare Executive
What now, ICD-10?” July 2014
Feature about the current status of ICD-10 implementation

Managed Healthcare Executive
Prognosis on end-of-life care” May 2014
Lead feature of a cover package about the ethics, politics and economics of end-of-life care

Managed Healthcare Executive
Is it time to exit Medicare Advantage?” April 2014
A feature assessing whether, as the Affordable Care Act trims payments to Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare Advantage is still a good business proposition for private providers

Medical Economics
Monopolizing medicine” Feb. 25, 2014
A cover feature package examining the growth of hospital mergers and their potential to affect physicians

Medical Economics
When will Medicaid pay more?” Jan. 25, 2014
Feature-length update on Medicaid-Medicare parity

Medical Economics
Uncovering the mysteries of RUC” Oct. 10, 2013
An in-depth look at the AMA/Specialty Society Relative Value Scale Update Committee, a little-known group that advises the federal government on Medicare reimbursements (versions of this article also appeared on and in Urology Times, Managed Healthcare Executive and Ophthalmology Times)

Medical Economics
Tort reform” Aug. 10, 2013
Cover story package examining, among other issues, whether physicians’ concerns about being sued are overblown

Medical Economics
The ACA effect” July 25, 2013
Cover feature looking at the Affordable Care Act’s effects on primary-care physicians, including potential qualitative changes to the patient pool

The Architect’s Newspaper
A Tale of Two Hospitals” April 17, 2013
Feature article about two vacant hospitals in Chicago

Medical Economics
Out-of-network payments” April 10, 2013
Feature-length update on out-of-network payments, following a proposed settlement in a lawsuit against a major insurer

Medical Economics
War or detente?” Sept. 25, 2012
Cover story package about the financial side of the payer-provider relationship

Commercial Property Executive, May 2012
“Mission: Critical – High-Tech Spaces Present Special Management Challenges”
Column on property management of high-tech occupancies, such as biotech labs and data centers.

CROR Outcomes, Fall 2011
(CROR Outcomes was the quarterly newsletter of the Center for Rehabilitation Outcomes Research (CROR) at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, which is now the Shirley Ryan Ability Lab.)
Two profiles and two features, including one about a research project on assessing substance abuse in a vocational rehabilitation context

CROR Outcomes, Spring 2011
Two profiles and two features, including one on a study intended to identify quality measures for post-stroke rehabilitation

Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment
Biofuels May Be Green, But Color The Risk Yellow” October 2010
Cover story examining the hazards posed by the growing use of biofuels

CROR Outcomes, Fall 2010
Two profiles and two features, including one on a project to train rehabilitation researchers to work with large databases

Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment
Technology, WMD Threat Drive Hazmat Equipment Evolution” August 2010
Cover feature reviewing trends in equipment for response to hazardous materials incidents

Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment
CHEMTREC, A Key Hazmat Tool, Expands Its Capabilities” January 2010
An update on the Chemical Transportation Emergency Center, a 24/7/365 resource for emergency responders

Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment
Economic Slowdown Increases Demand For Used Apparatus” August 2009
Trend feature on the market for used fire trucks

Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment
NFPA Expands Aerial Envelope Control Provisions” June 2009
Feature focusing on electronic controls for aerial ladders and platforms, in the context of a consensus standard from the National Fire Protection Association

Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment
Portable Tanks Get Lighter With Enhancements Added” May 2009
Feature update on incremental improvements in dump/drop tanks (widely used by rural fire departments)

Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment
Extrication Requires Effective Tools, Training and Thinking” February 2009
Cover feature on the ongoing coevolution of automobile construction and rescue tools

Chemistry, Fall 2007
“Aqueous solutions”
Feature on new technologies for purifying and desalinating drinking water

360°: The Merrill Lynch Management Magazine, June 2007
“Finding the right road at Navteq”
Case study of a turnaround at a major digital-mapping company

9-1-1 Magazine, Nov/Dec 2005
“London’s Bridge”
Profile of the London Fire Brigade’s dispatch center

, Autumn 2005
Column on Web sites of interest to chemists and undergraduate chemistry students.

Fire Chief, July 2004
“Fewer Topics, More Depth at U.K./U.S. Meet”
Report on the ninth United Kingdom/United States Fire Service Symposium

, Winter (2003–)2004
Column on Web sites of interest to chemists and undergraduate chemistry students.

Fire Chief, October 2003
“Profane and Yet Profound”
Obituary for Chief Charlie Rule, 1936–2003.

Fire Chief, May 2003
“Labor, training at forefront of U.K./U.S. Symposium”
Report on the 8th United Kingdom/United States Fire Service Symposium, Plymouth, England, April 2003.

, Spring 2003
Column on Web sites of interest to chemists and undergraduate chemistry students.

, Winter (2002–)2003
Column on Web sites of interest to chemists and undergraduate chemistry students.

NFPA Journal
(National Fire Protection Assn.), July/August 2002
“Evacuation Access”
Feature on emergency egress from commercial occupancies for people with disabilities.

, June 2002
“Assigning Blame”
Column about the pitfalls of story assignments and how to avoid them.

, Spring/Summer 2002
Column on Web sites of interest to chemists and undergraduate chemistry students.

NFPA Journal
(National Fire Protection Assn.), March/April 2002
“Protecting Records: Post 9-11”
Feature on the crucial role of records protection in business continuity planning.

, Dec. 15, 2001
“Split decisions”
Column about the why and how of editorial positions that are shared between two or more magazines.

Safety & Health (National Safety Council), December 2001
“Getting Recharged”
Feature-length update on National Fire Protection Association standards, primarily the 2002 revision of the National Electrical Code.

Journal of the National Cancer Institute, Nov. 21, 2001
“Analysis of Mammography Trials Renews Debate on Mortality Reduction” and “Conference Addresses Potential Flaws in Peer-Review Process”
A pair of news stories, on a controversial meta-analysis of screening mammography and on the Fourth International Congress on Peer Review in Biomedical Publication, Barcelona.

Family Safety & Health (National Safety Council), Winter 2001-02
“Win the Fight Against Diabetes”
Feature on the basics of diabetes and recent advances in treatment.

American City & County, September 2001
“Hot topic”
Feature on how local governments will be affected by the recent adoption of National Fire Protection Association 1710, Standard for the Organization and Deployment of Fire Suppression, Emergency Medical Operations, and Special Operations to the Public by Career Fire Departments.

Safety & Health (National Safety Council), September 2001
“OSHA enforcement: More of the same, or less?”
News analysis story on OSHA inspections under the Bush administration.

University Business, September 2001
“Designer Dorms”
Cover story on trends in student housing, including financing, design, amenities and technology.

Folio:, June 1, 2001
“Extreme Launch”
Profile of an entrepreneur who used an innovative Web-based strategy to launch a new niche magazine.

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